Lawn Chairs: A Reason to Blog

Conversations are perpetually emerging on the front porches of our lives. Some of which have been going on for millenia, and others that are just beginning.

Many of these dialogues include thousands of people and are surrounded by all sorts of noise and banter. But many still are very exclusive, intimate and require much more care and tenderness.

Some could be considered yelling matches, in which we must fight to be heard. However, in others sometimes we are the only one talking. And in these we have to focus more on the sweetness of our voice rather than just raw volume.

As humans, we find ourselves in the midst of all types of conversations about a myriad of topics.

And as humans, we naturally have ideas, opinions or at least something we think is worth saying.

The hard part is usually finding a way to join in on the discussion. Some of us are just not in positions to be heard. For those of us who really wish for the opportunity to speak and be included in the conversation, we must always be looking for a seat near the action.

This is my attempt at finding a seat. 

This is me pulling up a lawn chair to the dialogue that is occuring on my front porch.  

These are my ideas, my opinions, and just some things I think may be worth saying.